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Social Media: The Tool you Cannot Overlook

Social Media: The Tool you Cannot Overlook

The Internet has given rise to many terms- social media, social networks, social media news and social media week. All of them may seem confusing at best, but the good news is that they are all vital factors in building your business. Social Media Redefined In general, media is a term that is used in […]

The Basics of Blogging

04 January 2014

Blogging is one of the multiple ways through which people get their voices heard over the internet. While you opt to engage in blogging as a means to an end, there are those who start a blog to share what they love most, inspire other people and have fun. With a blog, you tell others […]

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SEO and Internet Marketing

27 December 2013

Many online business owners are still clueless about how they’re not making any sales. Even with their professionally-designed websites, dazzling photos and lots of content, potential consumers still have not placed any orders. The most possible reason for this is that search engines rank their websites poorly, thus the sites stay unreachable or invisible. Sometimes, […]

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